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Eric Firouzbakht

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Eric Firouzbakht is a distinguished trial attorney based in Houston, Texas. As the founder of the Firouzbakht Law Firm, Eric’s practice encompasses a broad range of personal injury matters, including auto cases, trucking accidents, wrongful death, and premises liability.

Looking back, Eric recalls that his decision to go into law was a natural one:

I think it was the way that I was raised. My mother taught me to be compassionate and care for others, and my father taught me to not let anybody push me around. Those two things motivated me to become a good personal injury attorney. I love the opportunity this career gives me to help people during their time of need and to make sure they’re treated fairly, especially when the odds are stacked against them.

After earning his BBA from Texas A&M University, Eric went on to pursue both his J.D. and MBA degrees at Texas Tech University. While in law school, he was awarded the Judge Ken G. Spence scholarship for demonstrating “dogged perseverance, the ability to adapt to adversity, and a sheer force of personality and charisma.”

Eric began his career with a large firm in Houston primarily focusing on auto accident cases. “I learned a lot about all facets of these sorts of cases, from pre-litigation and through the litigation process,” he recalls, “so it really helped me prepare myself for going off of on my own.” Eric founded the Firouzbakht Law Firm in 2017 where he is now known both for his formidable litigation skills and his compassionate client representation.

Throughout his career, Eric has worked for everyday people in the state of Texas. He has experience in a broad range of personal injury cases, including oil field injuries, trucking accidents, car wrecks, nursing home negligence, and wrongful deaths. Today, Eric takes great pride in representing each one of his clients and believes that every person deserves to be treated fairly when dealing with an injury, no matter how big or small the case.

As a leader in personal injury law, Eric stays ahead of the curve on the latest trends and developments in the field. In particular, he has been paying close attention to potential liability issues that may arise as rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft move toward using driverless cars. He noted:

I think that that driverless cars are going to cause a real headache for companies like Uber. It is concerning and tragic to see that a woman was killed by a driverless car in Arizona. Not only is this a situation where the rideshare company is potentially liable for somebody’s death, but also one in which there may be a product liability claim. Companies all the way up the line throughout the manufacturing process might be held liable.

After recently reaching his new firm’s one year anniversary, Eric envisions a bright future ahead. He currently represents clients all over Texas and, in the coming years, he hopes to further develop a strong referral base in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and throughout the rest of the state. Eric notes that he intends to rely on his dedicated and compassionate client service to achieve that goal:

I want to develop a reputation as somebody that people can depend on when they’re facing difficult issues in life. I genuinely care about my clients, and I treat them as if they were part of my own family.

In his free time, Eric enjoys staying physically active, traveling, and playing with his German Shepherd puppy, Princess Pudge.

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  • Texas Tech University School of Law, J.D.
  • Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business, MBA
  • Texas A&M University, BBA

Professional Memberships & Associations

  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Houston Trial Lawyers Association
  • Mexican American Bar Association of Houston

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