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Gena Martin

Broker & Owner | GMR Realty

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Gena Martin is the Owner and Managing Broker of GMR Realty, a fast-growing, highly-sought-after brokerage in Kokomo, Indiana. There, Gena has quickly established herself as a skillful ally for families seeking respite from the chaos of the real estate industry. For her unparalleled client service and her expertise in properties ranging from single-family residential homes to commercial properties, Gena has been featured in Top Agent Magazine and on TLC Network.

Before entering the world of real estate, Gena had a fruitful professional life as an entrepreneur, building six businesses from the ground up alongside her husband. In 2009, they started investing in foreclosed properties. It wasn’t long before Gena realized she wanted real estate to be more than a hobby. As she tells it:

My husband and I started investing before I got my license, and I loved it. Soon after that, people started asking my advice on real estate and contract issues. I knew I had a knack for this, so I got licensed in 2012.

Gena gained valuable experience as a REALTOR® for two years before getting her broker’s license. She founded GMR Realty in 2015, where today she has already become the go-to broker in the Kokomo area. Known for her keen focus on the needs of families, combined with unmatched market acumen, Gena approaches each transaction with determination, compassion, and skill. Together with her licensed daughter, Jayme Martin, and a wide network of trusted professionals who help Gena’s clients with everything from staging to loans, Gena has done her best to establish a one-stop-shop for busy families going through exciting and transitional times. Today her efforts have been rewarded with consistent five-star ratings on both Zillow and Trulia, and she has even authored a book to help first-time homebuyers navigate the real estate process.

As the wife of a veteran, Gena has special insight into the needs of veterans and their families. “I like to do what I can to help the veteran community,” she notes. “That includes military relocation, and because I’m experienced with the VA home buying process, they pass on my name when people are moving to my area.”

Gena is also a notary public, allowing her to help her clients with more than just their traditional real estate concerns. Looking forward to a bright future, Gena hopes to expand her business south toward Alabama and Florida while continuing to serve her Indiana clients with the utmost skill and care.

When she isn’t working or staying active with local associations, Gena is involved with the Restore the Prairie Project, which purchases farmland and plants native plants as a strategy for restoring the health of the land. She is also an avid runner, weightlifter, and gardener.


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Professional Memberships & Community Involvement

  • Realtors' Association of Central Indiana (RACI)
  • Restore the Prairie Project

Education & Certification

  • Licensed Broker
  • Certified Managing Broker
  • Notary Public

Awards & Honors

  • Five-Star Rating, Zillow & Trulia
  • Named by Top Agent Magazine as Indiana’s Social Media Expert
  • Recognized by TLC Network as the area expert agent and featured on their TV show “My First Home”

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