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Jacob E. Martinez

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Jacob E. Martinez is a distinguished defense attorney practicing in Denver, Colorado. Since opening his own firm, The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez, in 2014, he has earned dismissals in a variety of cases ranging from DUI misdemeanors to violent felonies. As the Winner of multiple Avvo Client Choice Awards, Mr. Martinez’s relentless pursuit of favorable verdicts has already earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable defense attorneys in the Denver area in his first eight years in practice.

As he tells it, Mr. Martinez’s beginnings as a criminal defense attorney can be traced back to his time in law school. After choosing a criminal defense internship at the University of Colorado Law Criminal Defense Clinic, Mr. Martinez realized he had a passion for this work:

I loved it. I loved being in the courtroom, I loved interacting with different types of people, and most of all, I loved having the opportunity to help people. I found that most people charged with crimes were good people who made a mistake—and that as a defense attorney I had the opportunity to help them through a difficult time in their lives.”

While it wasn’t until later that he chose his area of specialization, Mr. Martinez began his path towards law by earning a degree in Political Science from Colorado College in 2002. Upon earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado Law School in 2009, Mr. Martinez immediately began work as an attorney for the firm Newell & Decker in Denver. After just four years, he had the professional foundation and legal expertise to open his own firm.

Named “10 Best Under 40” in 2016 by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys, Mr. Martinez has quickly established himself as one of the top young criminal defense attorneys in the United States. As a Denver native, Mr. Martinez has an unparalleled understanding of the nuanced political and social environment in which he practices, and is able to support his clients with unparalleled expertise, both legal and local. It’s this understanding, coupled with his genuine passion for representing the criminally accused, that makes Mr. Martinez such a valuable asset for his clients.

Since starting his own firm, Mr. Martinez has earned dismissals and mitigated sentences in all areas of his practice. Recognized among the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by the National Association of Trial Lawyers, he has become known for his aggressive and effective courtroom tactics. With the genuine belief that each and every one of his clients is a truly good person that deserves a second chance, Mr. Martinez is able to motivate juries across the Denver area towards favorable verdicts.

As a top attorney, Mr. Martinez pays close attention to trends and changes relevant to his area of practice. In particular, he has been paying attention to the evolving situation since marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado. He noted:

Marijuana law is particularly important to keep an eye on right now in Colorado. As a DUI attorney, it’s absolutely essential that I have a comprehensive knowledge of changes like these.”

Nearing the end of his first decade in practice, Mr. Martinez envisions a bright future ahead. Having brought on associate attorney Geoff Deweese as well as a law clerk, Mr. Martinez intends to continue growing his firm in the years to come.


Detailed Career Information

  • J.D., 2009, University of Colorado School of Law
  • B.A., Political Science, 2002, Colorado College



Professional Memberships & Associations

Denver Bar Association • Colorado Bar Association • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association

Awards & Honors

Top 40 Under 40 Executive Committee - National Trial Lawyers • Top 100 Trial Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers • Lead Counsel Rated Attorney, Lead Counsel • 10 Best Under 40, American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys • Client’s Choice Award, Avvo • Public Interest Service Award, University of Colorado Law School

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