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Kathy Trolinger

Sales Manager | Envoy Mortgage

Kathy Trolinger has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional.

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Kathy Trolinger is a distinguished residential mortgage professional with seventeen years of experience servicing clients in the greater San Diego area. She currently serves as the sales manager at Envoy Mortgage in San Diego’s Mission Valley, where she specializes in a variety of home financing services and customized loan options to help first-time buyers reach their dreams of homeownership. Repeatedly honored as a 5 Star Mortgage Professional by San Diego Magazine, Kathy prioritizes building strong relationships with clients and is proud to serve as their “lender for life”.

Kathy started her career in the banking industry but moved toward the real estate and mortgage world when she discovered she loved the human interaction in that sector. Looking back, she recalls making the decision to change career paths:

I’ve been in the financial industry since college and then I made my way into the mortgage industry from the company I was working for at the time. I always found it intriguing how you get to know the first-time home buyers, putting that personal touch on interacting with clients and borrowers who are looking to purchase their first home.

Throughout her career, Kathy has held positions as a loan officer at Bank of America, Greenpath LLC, Movement Mortgage, and Citywide Home Loans. In 2015, she joined Academy Mortgage Corporation as branch manager, and in January 2017 she accepted her current position at Envoy Mortgage.

Today, Kathy deals with a large roster of first-time buyers who are new to the home lending process. Her goal is to guide them every step of the way in an efficient and stress-free manner that brings them confidence in their role as homeowners moving forward. Envoy Mortgage handles all types of loans, both locally and nationwide, including FHA, VA, USCA, and Conventional loans. Whether her clients are looking to buy a new home or refinance an existing mortgage, Kathy creates tailor-made solutions to meet their needs and shows unparalleled dedication to helping her clients achieve their homeownership goals.

As a leader in her field, Kathy keeps a close eye on the San Diego real estate market and takes into account various trends and developments that may affect her clients in the future. In particular, she discusses the gradual shift toward a buyer’s market and the rise in new construction:

Right now it truly is a seller’s market, but I think as the rates continue to rise it will turn into a buyer’s market again. As rates rise, the prices of homes will probably level out. They won’t go down but I think they’ll level out over a period of time, because you can’t have high rates and high prices of homes. One of them has to go. We’re also seeing a lot of new building and construction; condos are going up in the downtown area and the trolley lines are expanding.

With a bright future ahead of her, Kathy plans to continue building a strong, quality team full of like-minded individuals who share her goal of helping clients navigate the challenges of the home buying and lending process. She wants to help people get into their homes, help them refinance, and help them stay on track with their financial goals. Kathy goes to work each day with the goal of alleviating some of the stress her clients feel and empowering them to make informed financial decisions regarding their home mortgage.


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  • NMLS # 662177
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Bay Mesa Real Estate Association

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5 Star Mortgage Professional, San Diego Magazine (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015)

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