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Larry R. Handfield

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Larry Handfield is a Miami-based criminal defense attorney with over thirty years of experience. For his aggressive and competent litigation skills and his dedication to obtaining justice for each and every one of his clients, Mr. Handfield has been recognized among the Top Trial Lawyers in the Nation. He is the founder of The Handfield Firm.

Raised by a single mother in one of the rougher neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County, Mr. Handfield was always determined to transcend his humble beginnings. He decided early on that he would be an attorney and obtained his Juris Doctorate from the prestigious Howard University School of Law in 1981. He quickly realized that criminal law was the right specialty for him, noting:

I always wanted to be a trial lawyer—in the pit, so to speak. I gravitated towards being a trial lawyer in the criminal arena, and so I started out working for the federal prosecutor. I felt that to be the best I could be I needed to learn from the best. I was never going to be a career prosecutor, but that was a really important experience.

In 1988, Mr. Handfield founded The Handfield Firm, where for the last thirty years he has cultivated a reputation for dedicated, passionate client representation in a wide variety of complex criminal defense cases. His unmatched litigation skills have led to acquittals in cases involving murder, trafficking and possession of drugs, and other serious criminal charges. Mr. Handfield is sought-after nationwide, with clients in Georgia, Denver, New York, and throughout the state of Florida.

Among Mr. Handfield's numerous groundbreaking cases is one from just last year, where he represented a young man who, under the influence of drugs, broke into a woman's home and assaulted her. Though the man was facing life plus thirty years in prison, Mr. Handfield was able to close the case with no convictions. The young man will serve probation, and Mr. Handfield, the young man, and the woman he attacked were recently featured on NBC's Today Show with Megyn Kelly

For his skill both in and out of the courtroom, Mr. Handfield has held a number of prestigious appointments, including as Chair of the City of Miami Police Oversight Board, as a member of Florida’s Statewide Sentencing Guideline Commission, as Chairman of the Judicial Nominating Commission for the Miami-Dade Court System, and as State Commissioner of Florida’s Statewide Ethics Commission. His unique position of prominence allows Mr. Handfield to pay careful attention to trends and changes in criminal law. He notes:

The information age we’re living in means that everything is instant. The way things were done in the past—going to the library and researching—is antiquated and ineffective now. It’s over with. That means who you hire as your lawyer is incredibly important—you have to find someone who’s really committed to making a difference and who can use the tools necessary today to get results. There are so many instances where the specific strategy I used in a case made the difference, and it’s scary to think that someone else wouldn’t have had the same results.

Looking forward, Mr. Handfield is just as committed as he has always been to defending the rights of each and every one of his clients. “As long as I’m making a difference, there’s still work to be done,” he says. “That’s my philosophy. I’m never content because I believe there’s always more to do, and you never stop learning.”

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  • Bethune-Cookman University (B.S.)
  • Howard University School of Law (J.D.)

Professional Memberships & Community Involvement

  • Member, Florida’s Statewide Sentencing Guideline Commission
  • Chairman, Judicial Nominating Commission for the Miami-Dade Court System

Awards & Honors

  • Top Trial Lawyers in the Nation

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