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Michael F. Bachner is a trial lawyer specializing in criminal law and securities litigation. Bachner discovered his true calling at a young age. It is not every day that a seven year old boy declares his intention to practice law, but Bachner had a compelling motivation.

Well, believe it or not, I have the old Perry Mason syndrome. I started watching that show at the age of seven years old and said that's what I want to do for a living.

From there, Bachner has gone on to achieve a distinguished career in trial law that has spanned over three decades. He routinely tries cases at both the state and federal level and has worked on a number of notable cases, most famously having successfully cross-examined Jordan Belfort, the so-called "Wolf of Wall Street", in a stock-fraud trial. He has represented a veritable who’s who of clients including The Sopranos star Robert Iler,  former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, and former New York Giants Wide Receiver Antonio Pierce.

Today, through his private practice Bachner & Associates, P.C., Bachner focuses on a variety of white collar crime, ranging from securities regulation to health-care defense.

The firm has been focusing a lot on areas related to insider trading and securities, both with regards to regulatory and criminal conduct. We also focus on cases dealing with tax-related crimes, not to mention Medicaid errors and Healthcare related fraud…[plus] a lot of securities-related work, stock manipulation and mortgage fraud. We are focused on the areas that have become the focus of criminal justice generally.

Bachner's career has indeed come full circle. Emulating his childhood hero Perry Mason, Bachner appears frequently on television as a commentator on Fox Business, CNBC, ABC News and other networks, where he offers his expert legal insight into high-profile cases.


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Michael F. Bachner has been practicing law for 34 years. He graduated with his J.D. from Hofstra University School of Law in 1981. He has worked as an associate for Benjamin Brafman, Esq., served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Rackets Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and in the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York, and as an Associate Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for Prudential Securities. He has owned and directed his own firm, Bachner & Associates, P.C., since 1988.

Bachner is a member of The New York Council of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Top 100 National Trial Lawyers, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has appeared as a commentator on Court TV, CNBC, Fox Business News, and ABC News. He is regularly quoted by a variety of esteemed publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

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