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Nick Abbott is a financial advisor based in Honolulu, Hawaii. With over a decade of experience, Mr. Abbott is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) who focuses on financial planning. He currently works for the company Edward Jones, where he strives to help clients meet retirement saving goals, build college funds, and meet their insurance and estate needs.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Mr. Abbott moved to Hawaii for school in 2004. He initially set out to become a financial analyst, but his experiences during his studies prompted him to pivot toward financial planning. It’s a move that he’s glad he made. He explains:

I realized that making a meaningful impact on individuals and families was more my passion. So I branched away from becoming a financial analyst and got more into the planning side. During college, I did an internship with Merrill Lynch and LPL Financial and then ended up getting hired on with Edward Jones following that, to start my own business. So at that point, I was pretty committed. And I really enjoy the work. I’m very passionate about helping families and individuals make meaningful decisions related to their finances and their future.

Mr. Abbott completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance in 2007 and has worked for Edward Jones ever since. He has also completed a Bloomberg Certification program in options and derivatives. As a financial advisor, he works to develop specific strategies to help clients achieve their fiscal goals. As part of his commitment to helping his clients reach their financial goals, he also monitors progress to help make sure clients stay on track.

Mr. Abbott is especially proud of the dynamic, hardworking, and client-centric culture he has built with his team at Edward Jones. As he tells it:

Our team is fully devoted to the clients we work with. We will cater to any needs our clients have and I think that's made us very attractive to our community here. Word travels fast, so when we do a really good job of handling the financial affairs for our clients, they tend to send their friends. I would say we're a very humble and helpful culture and we approach wealth planning with the heart to help others make the best possible decisions for themselves.

Mr. Abbott is enthusiastic about working with companies and institutions in his community. He knows that building trust with those organizations, especially with regard to building retirement plans, will help his reputation in the long run. The number of clients he gains via word-of-mouth speaks volumes to his professionalism and leadership.

Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Mr. Abbott works tirelessly to stay on top of emerging trends in the ever-evolving financial planning industry. These days, he’s closely following actions by the Department of Labor and doing his best to keep his clients informed and prepare them for any changes ahead. He noted:

We’re watching that the Department of Labor ruling that just came out last year. Taking a proactive initiative to set all of our clients up onto a new platform that we think will be compliant in pretty much any future legal environment, as far as we can estimate. So that's proactive work we're doing while keeping tabs on changes in the legal environment and the future of wealth management.

After a decade dedicated to helping his clients with their financial planning, Mr. Abbott shows no signs of slowing down. Looking to the future, he hopes to continue building his business in Honolulu and beyond.


Detailed Career Information

Education & Certification 
  • Accredited Asset Management Specialist
  • University of Hawaii (B.S., 2007)
  • Washington State University (B.B.A., 2004)

Professional Memberships & Community Involvement 

Rotary Club • Past President, Hawaii Kai Chamber of Commerce • Past President, Business Networking International Hawaii Kai chapter

Awards & Honors

1st Place, Best Place to Work, Honolulu Business Magazine (2017) • Top 10, Best Place to Work, Honolulu Business Magazine (2004-2016) • Best Financial Planning Company, Honolulu Star Advertiser (2014)

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