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Toronto, ON

Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd

Founder & Managing Attorney, TTL Health Law

Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional.

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Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd is a distinguished lawyer based in Toronto, Ontario. With over thirty years of experience, Ms. Tremayne-Lloyd is a pioneer in Canadian healthcare law. Together with her team at TTL Health Law, she is committed to representing clients in the healthcare industry as well as nurturing the further development of health law itself. In addition to her practice, Ms. Tremayne Lloyd helped found the healthcare section of the Canadian Bar Association

Always socially conscious, Tremayne-Lloyd wanted to enter a profession in which she could make a difference in people’s lives. She considered pediatric medicine for a time but ultimately decided that her oratory skills would serve her better as an attorney. After earning her Juris Doctor from the University of Western Ontario, she discovered that there was no specialty in healthcare law and its attendant dilemmas. As she tells it, it was this realization that made her find her calling:

I saw that the landscape for healthcare providers was rapidly changing in the decade or so before I was called to the bar but there wasn’t any specialty in healthcare law. My concern was that it was so important to the public but there not a depth of legal knowledge in the area.

Since then, Tremayne-Lloyd has worked feverishly to establish and grow healthcare law as a discipline in its own right, starting in 1987 with the founding of the healthcare section of the Canadian Bar Association and becoming its first National Health Law Chair. After becoming a Certified Specialist in Health Law, she began writing, lecturing, and practicing this brand new area of the law, dealing with novel regulatory and policy issues that had not yet been addressed in a comprehensive way.

In her practice today, Tremayne-Lloyd focuses on representing medical professionals in the myriad issues they may face in today’s legal climate. She is widely recognized for her expertise in advocating for clients in both Ontario and the United States and has extensive experience arguing before the Superior, Divisional, and Appellate courts of Ontario. Throughout her career, Tremayne-Lloyd has successfully shepherded numerous clients through the travails of navigating top administrative boards and tribunals.

As a leader in her field, Tremayne-Lloyd continues to write, speak, and teach on a broad range of topics in health law. She recently has spoken to audiences of prominent medical professionals at events such as the Bayer Medical-Legal Dinner and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine’s 13th annual conference. She also has written about such important topics as private healthcare in Ontario and recent regulatory changes.

From this unique vantage point, Tremayne-Lloyd keeps her finger on the pulse of prevailing trends within health law. In particular, she notes how universal healthcare in Canada has created a possibly unconstitutional problem in prohibiting citizens from paying in exchange for expedited medical care:

The government in each province is the only health insurer, and they pay for everything. You have access to healthcare regardless of whether you have pre-existing conditions or how costly your care will be. That’s the superb side of the system. But the problem with that is that as the population ages and as our population grows, there aren’t enough funds to keep throwing it into the healthcare pot. So what’s happening is they are trying to deliver more care with less, and the wait lists were going into years. They still are in some areas and yet the public are not allowed by law to pay for medically necessary care. That’s the downside of the system.

After more than three decades dedicated to law, Tremayne-Lloyd shows no signs of slowing down. Looking to the future, she aims to continue providing industry-leading service to her clients while being a pioneer in healthcare law.


Detailed Career Information

Education & Certification

  • Call to the Ontario Bar, 1984

  • Law Society of Upper Canada, Certified Specialist in Health Law

  • University of Western Ontario, J.D., 1983

    • Honours: Dean's List of Honour Students

Professional Memberships

American Institute of Law and Medicine • American Trial Lawyers Association • Canadian Bar Association • Canadian Bar Association - Health Law Section - Ontario Branch, Chair (Founder), 1984 -1988 • Canadian Bar Association - National Health Law Section, Chairman,1985-1989 • International Bar Association • International Who's Who of Professionals • Law Society of Upper Canada • Medico-Legal Society of Toronto • National Health Lawyers Association • The Advocates' Society, Board of Directors, 2011-2012 • Women's Law Association

Awards & Honours

Martindale-Hubbell® BV® Distinguished™ Peer Review Rating • Distinguished Alumni Award (First Recipient), University of Western

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